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McIntyre Meats

fresh from Dale to doorstep
Based at Bainbridge in Wensleydale, in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales.
The Company is family run by Martin and Lindsey McIntyre.
Established in 2001.
Finalist in The Meat and Poultry Processing Awards
The Small Processing Business of the Year 2015.

McIntyre Meats moved to a new purpose built abattoir and cutting plant to promote local produce and provide a service for local farmers in Wensleydale. We comply with all the latest EC hygiene regulations, reinforcing the company's commitment to guaranteed quality. We are proud of our products and traditional good honest values underpins our business.

We supply top quality meat from local Farms to businesses, butchers, supermarkets
and direct to individual customers through our online shop.

Based in Upper Wensleydale, North Yorkshire we are positioned to accept locally farmed and reared animals right on our doorstep. They do not travel over long distances, reducing the stress on the animal. We personally know the source and provenance of the animal and as we control the whole process we can ensure the quality of our final meat products to you.

We believe in the welfare of animals and reducing stress to the animal which helps maintain the quality of the and hence the flavour of the meat.
Animal welfare and environmental considerations are always a high priority for our business.

To that end we have extensive accreditations and are audited by the British Retail Consortium to Global Standard Food Issue 5 - required in order to supply major supermarkets.

"Our meat is only as good as our suppliers. That's why we'll only work with the very best!"

One of our major strengths is in our procurement supply base which is Wensleydale and the surrounding area.
Our key point-of-difference is our personal links with our local livestock farmers.
We buy all our lambs and beef from farms or local auction marts, Hawes Farmers Mart, Kendal Auction Mart etc. to ensure traceability, quality and animal welfare.

Working in close partnership with our suppliers is core to our business and we value highly direct contact with our farmers for knowledge, innovation, assurance and sustainable development.
We believe this is key to supplying and ensuring we provide top quality products.

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Sheep & Goats

For wholesale customers: Our EC plant number is 2438 ec.



McIntyre Meats believes passionately in the link between a healthy landscape, provenance and the highest quality meat.
They are so closely bound that the flavour of our products is of the land itself...
the fresh upland grasses and waters of the Ghylls found in one of the most beautiful regions of Britain...
The Yorkshire Dales... Where else could we specialise in Dales Lamb and Beef.
Individual retail customers can purchase our products using our shop
Browse our excellent range of locally produced meats we can supply fresh to your door.
Gluten Free products are available.
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The Wensleydale Butcher
fresh from Dale to your doorstep

Wensleydale Prime Beef

Farmed and reared in the pastures of Wensleydale, top quality local beef. Full of flavour and melt in the mouth.
From Wensleydale local farms direct to you.

Wensleydale Lamb

Dales Lamb farmed and reared in Wensleydale. This is what the Dales are famous for. Top quality lamb. You couldn't get fresher. From local farms direct to your door or business.


Local Beef and Lamb Burgers.
Our classic Rump Steak Burger with cracked black pepper & caramelised onions, Plain Beef and Lamb & Mint & Herbs & Apple & Chilli & ...endless combinations...

Offal Products

Today these cuts have seen a resurgence in popularity. Lambs Liver, Kidneys, Oxtail, Sweetbreads, Tongue, Heart... Most offal is lean, high in protein, packed with vitamins and minerals and cheap.

All products are available Gluten Free.

Image: Frank the Limousin Bull

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Meet The Team

To ensure a first class service you need a first class team.

The Company is personally run by Martin and Lindsey McIntyre.
Our team of excellent administrative assistants attend to the office
whilst in the abattoir our team of expert highly trained butchers ensure first class meat production.

Martin McIntyre

Martin McIntyre personally inspects all animals himself to ensure quality and security of provenance.

"Animal welfare and environmental considerations are always a high priority for our business.
Our business concept is quite simple and is operated with care and a passion for quality products.
We buy all our lambs and beef from Dales farms and local auction marts to ensure traceability, quality and animal welfare assurance.
We then process the locally reared meat from arrival to shipment to you.
As we control all the processing at every stage following the purchase of the animal and are sure of the provenance of the meat, I can personally guarantee the quality of all of our products to you.
I believe this is key to supplying and ensuring we provide top quality products.
It ensures depth of natural flavour developed through traditional techniques and upholds the highest welfare standards."

Lindsey McIntyre

Lindsey is the company secretary, general manager of office administration, sales, orders and office functions.
Lindsey plays a vital role in the company ensuring the smooth running of all aspects of the business and that standards are adhered to.
She also manages and runs the mobile catering side of the business and also has a sheep skin rug business, The Wensleydale Sheep Skin Rug Company.
A "hands on" and "can do" attitude and approach towards business keeps Lindsey very busy providing a seamless process.


Office & Accounts Manager


Office Administration


Sales & Welfare Officer

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